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Fish specialities<br> all to be savored

The L’Oasi restaurant focuses on a top-level menu, whose pride and joy is made up of fish specialties to be savored. Customers can enjoy a long series of extremely tasty and delicious typical dishes, able to delight even the most refined palates. Here are some of the specialties of a very suggestive restaurant pole, based above all on the beauty of the typical Calabrian cuisine.

Those who visit the L’Oasi restaurant have every intention of delighting themselves with the best of traditional Calabrian cuisine, made up of absolutely delicious seafood dishes. To the tastes to be discovered, we must add the high attention paid to the aesthetic aspect. The initial dishes are in fact served following a very accurate preparation, able to steal the eye even to those with quite complicated tastes.

The reception in the restaurant opens with the distribution of a tasty aperitif, capable of arousing the appetite of every kind of customer. The high quality of the appetizers should also be highlighted. Those who want can select a baby pie, or perhaps an enormous oyster stuffed with shrimps, or even a lobster stalk. Even the shellfish salad is certainly of a good standard. But also all together. Opportunities are not lacking thanks to a long series of fresh and exquisite products. Whether it’s a raw or cooked fish appetizer, the general quality is always very high.

Surprising dishes<br> and authentic specialities!

This prerogative is also confirmed by the wide range of first courses available at the L’Oasi restaurant. Surely there is no shortage of opportunities to make your first truly unique. It starts from risotto alla pescatora and continues with paccheri al sugo, spaghetti with seafood. Those who want to be amazed by a surprising dish can rely on the particular swordfish lasagna with truffles, an authentic specialty of chef Fabio and all his expert staff in the restaurant sector.

To all this we must obviously add a battery of second courses of the highest category, among which there is only the embarrassment of choice. Sea bream, sea bass, mullet, eels, lobster salads, crustaceans of all kinds. Also worth discovering is the tasty tuna steak, as well as the characteristic fried baby octopus and grilled fish. There is the possibility of selecting your favorite raw or cooked fish, always keeping an unmistakable flavor intact. Finally, we must not forget the typical bread-crusted sea bass accompanied by delicious cherry tomatoes.

A high-ranking restaurant like L’Oasi must also take into account other elements to make its menu unforgettable. For example, a leading role is also occupied by sweets to offer after an excellent lunch or a tasty dinner. From cakes to ice creams, from babas to sorbets, without forgetting tiramisu, in this case too the choice is truly wide and varied. Finally, each dish should be accompanied by the right type of wine and embellished at the end of the meal with a good coffee.

Overall, the menu presented by the L’Oasi restaurant focuses on numerous fish specialties to be discovered and tasted. On the other hand, the Calabrian restaurant is appreciated throughout Italy thanks to a top-level seafood menu.

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