The restaurant

If you are looking to taste delicious fish specialties, visiting the Oasi restaurant would be more than just an imperative, it would be an obligation!

In the fertile plain of Gizzeria, in the immediate vicinity of the Terme di Caronte, in this small Calabrian paradise, there is also a renowned location, a historic restaurant, ideal for experiencing and celebrating all the important moments: the oasis.

Refinement, refinement and quality

Mediterranean cuisine<br> for all tastes!

Refined food prepared with attention down to the smallest detail finds here a perfect union with fish delicacies. Tastes mix, flavors come together to make the Oasi restaurant a meeting point for all those who love fish-based taste prepared according to the best Calabrian traditions.

Vegetarian cuisine

Vegan cuisine

Kitchen for Celiacs


Calabria on the table!

The typical marine specialty of Calabria is different from the gastronomic specialties of the other regions. The refinement of the food, which despite everything offers visitors the opportunity to taste the authentic Calabrian flavor, can strike even the most demanding food lovers. The simplicity of the dishes is perfectly combined with that elegance that is often sought right here in Calabria. Hot and cold dishes can come together to form a hearty mix full of extraordinary flavours.

To these is added a calm and serene atmosphere, almost homely, as if it were the living room of your own home. Every detail of the dishes that are served in the Oasi restaurant is studied in depth, to guarantee customers an experience that borders on the magical. The dishes are combined with the professionalism of the waiters, who behave according to the best standards of etiquette. In short, the mix is ​​truly fascinating: the flavor of the dishes, the location, the serene-hearted staff are all factors that contribute to making the view in the Oasi restaurant unforgettable.

And if this weren’t enough, you should simply know that a vast choice of gluten-free dishes is added to the traditional menu. There are special menus for vegetarians and vegans. Customers just have to choose and embark on an adventure. The rest is a fairy tale!

fish specialties

The L'Oasi restaurant focuses on a top-level menu, with raw materials of excellent quality and freshness, whose flagship is made up of fish specialties all to be tasted.

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the restourant

The Oasis is a meeting point for all lovers of good food; typical dishes cooked according to the Calabrian tradition. Fresh fish is the king of the table!

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terrace under the stars

Eating under the stars is a romantic dream that can come true thanks to the Oasi restaurant. From July 1st we are waiting for you with music and good food! Reservation welcome.