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Fresh ingredients and refined flavors

In the fertile plain of Gizzeria, in the immediate vicinity of the Terme di Caronte, in this small Calabrian paradise, there is also a renowned location, a historic restaurant, ideal for experiencing and celebrating all the important moments: the oasis.

The kitchen

Vegan cuisine

Kitchen for Celiacs

Mediterranean cuisine<br> for all tastes!

The restaurant is a perfect location for organizing events, but it is also open all year round! Here it is possible to try all the best cuisine that can be offered to its customers. A place that already has a long history, which is renewed every year, in order to always offer the best, not only in the cuisine, where we update ourselves to offer more and more to the most demanding palates, but we also improve the structure, to always have that touch of new and clean.

The structure is not only precluded for those who like to eat Mediterranean cuisine, but is in step with the times and the needs and choices of everyone, in fact menus for celiacs and those for vegans and vegetarians are also available.

During holidays and special days, the restaurant always organizes themed events, where it offers dinner and a show, so that its customers can have fun and eat well. Evenings are organized for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve parties and many more.

The location not only has places for those who eat a la carte, but also the availability of room reservations for events. You can book lunches and dinners for weddings, communions, baptisms, birthday parties and various events. Everything at the customer’s choice, the restaurant will take care of all the details making the important day of its customers unique. Availability of piano bar, with station for musicians, in order to make your party even more pleasant. The restaurant offers every comfort to its guests.

Vegetarian cuisine

Booking rooms<br> and terrace for events

The restaurant, outside, is also equipped with a large parking lot, which is well guarded, offering the safety of the cars of the arriving guests. There are no problems on closing days, the restaurant tries to be more than available on the dates that its customers need. The facility is open all year round, except Mondays, which are the day of rest.

Beyond the events that can be organized in the structure, it should be noted that from the 1st of July the restaurant opens the summer session. In addition to the à la carte restaurant and event organization, there is also the possibility of organizing your own meetings, where also in this case there will be maximum availability for the organization.
On warm summer evenings, the freshness of the terrace under the stars will be pleasant.


Make your moments of celebration unique

The L’Oasi Restaurant responds to all the needs of its customers, always trying to offer the best. A service that is a guarantee, thanks also to its years of experience and always in step with the times. A place that is located in an ideal position, not only for the inhabitants of the area, but also for all those who are passing through and those who are nearby between the Terme di Caronte, the Lamezia Terme airport and the Gizzeria lido , ideal for eating and for a pleasant break.

For more information, especially for your own events, visit the contact page. Make your festive moments unique, take a break from the routine, take your guests to a particular place, come and try a special cuisine: contact L’oasi for all the info and reservations.

fish specialties

The L'Oasi restaurant focuses on a top-level menu, with raw materials of excellent quality and freshness, whose flagship is made up of fish specialties all to be tasted.

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the restourant

The Oasis is a meeting point for all lovers of good food; typical dishes cooked according to the Calabrian tradition. Fresh fish is the king of the table!

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terrace under the stars

Eating under the stars is a romantic dream that can come true thanks to the Oasi restaurant. From July 1st we are waiting for you with music and good food! Reservation welcome.