Terrace under the stars


Eating under the stars<br> is a romantic dream that can come true<br> thanks to the Oasi Restaurant.

Vegan cuisine

Fairytale atmosphere…

The latter, located a few steps from a sea as magical as it is clear and blue, has a spacious terrace that extends for several meters under the sky. The terrace, which can be covered or uncovered, is a real place of peace: eating here it is possible to admire the hills, as picturesque as ever, of verdant Calabria. The L’Oasi Restaurant, then, is located a short distance from the Terme di Caronte, a well-known tourist complex that attracts visitors not only from the rest of Calabria, but even from all of Italy.

The festive greenery that surrounds the l’Oasi Restaurant helps to create an atmosphere of peace, pushing towards total relaxation, which comes even more naturally when one thinks of good food. Just the Calabrian gastronomy manages to make the time spent on a terrace under the stars truly magical. With its thousand flavors and many facets, food embellishes the place where the Oasi Restaurant is located.

Not far away there is a large car park, also hidden by the greenery and ready to be used. The entire area of ​​the Oasi Restaurant is touristically developed, attractive to tourists from all over Italy. All around the l’Oasi Restaurant the green of the local hills mixes perfectly with a serene and relaxing sky. The wild land, which brings to mind the scents of an ancient Calabria, is surrounded by the sea which only increases the desire to relax on a terrace under the stars in this place.

Already from afar it is possible to see the building of the Oasi Restaurant in the middle of the greenery, which serves as a real point of reference a few meters from the sea. In the air near the restaurant it is possible to perceive the typical fragrances of sea salt, with the constant, immense presence of the nearby sea. The notes of the sea water can be heard practically everywhere in the place, as if the earth itself is now full of them. And food is affected to a great extent, as are all other things.

A special location<br>for your events!

Walking near the L’Oasi Restaurant it seems to be near a real marine expanse, as if it were a building located directly on the coast. The fertile land, the immensity of trees, a still unexplored nature help to create an atmosphere of exclusive naturalness. After all, the place cannot be confused with any other in the world, as the wild Calabrian nature is quite specific.

If we then think of the other peculiarities of the area – such as the proximity of the thermal baths and the picturesque scenery of the Sila – it becomes easy to understand how the Oasi Restaurant is located in a truly special area! Especially at nightfall, when the last rays of the sun hit the coast, which immediately turns red, eating good fish dishes is all that is needed for a soul in search of a fairytale. In the evening, then, it is another world, with the shining stars on a very romantic terrace.

A candlelit dinner, with the scent of the nearby sea, and the sound of the waves and seagulls, is certainly what you need to spend time in a romantic and relaxing way. And the story of the Oasi Restaurant contributes not only to the nature of the place, but also to the place itself: warm, welcoming and atmospheric.

In the warmer periods it is possible to attend live music concerts, suitable for all ages, which offer that extra pinch of joy to dine in total light-heartedness.

Vegan cuisine